Hey man! Love your music, It's inspiring me to try making a few tunes of my own! Would you recommend the DS-10 to a beginner, or does it actually require knowledge of synthesizer usage? Thanks!

Thanks for listening! Before I bought my first copy of Korg DS-10 way back in 2009, I had no previous knowledge of synthesizers. After messing around with it for a while, I started to get an idea of how everything worked. I totally recommend DS-10 to beginners. Though it’s beneficial to have knowledge of synthesizer theory, you could learn along the way like me. =)

3DS FC: 1977-0212-4958

3DS FC: 1977-0212-4958


Favourite Producers: Shinichi Osawa

Back in the day, console releases of DanceDanceRevolution had different songs that were included in the game in different regions of the world to cater to the cultural differences (I say “back in the day” because it’s been a while since Konami has released a new CS version of DDR). Upon the release of DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 2, I was curious to find out what the song list for the Japanese version was. One song that caught my eye while looking at the Japanese song list was a tune called “Our Song" by Shinichi Osawa. I took a liking to it instantly. After googling Shinichi Osawa, I found out that he just recently released a new album titled "The One”. After listening to that, Shinichi Osawa pretty much became my music production idol.

Seriously. Shinichi Osawa has a pretty incredible background with music. He started out by playing the bass guitar with a band called Mondo Grosso. After the group disbanded, he held on to the Mondo Grosso name and continued to produce music on his own and other Japanese artists. Later, he took an interest in producing edm and now he’s one of Japan’s best DJs. I’m in love with all of his music.

One of the reasons why I look up to him is because he’s such a versatile producer. My respect for him rose even higher when I found out that he produced a bunch of awesome jazz songs before he started producing electronic dance music. When it comes to music, my goal is to become versatile enough to produce music of any kind. So, I’d like to thank DDR for introducing me to Shinichi Osawa (which is another reason why I love DDR so much). Heh.

Listen to Star Suite Pt.3: North Star - Mondo Grosso

Listen to Dreamhunt - Shinichi Osawa

The coolest hall I’ve come across at Western. I took this picture waaay back in October, 2012.

The coolest hall I’ve come across at Western. I took this picture waaay back in October, 2012.


MADEON - TRIPLE J (Office Edition)


MATS VARIMA and Myspace

I know Myspace has a bad reputation for being the old Facebook or the place where nobody hangs out (it’s true), but I’ve been having a fairly unique time with it so far. As of now, I’m nearing 500 connections with random people. It’s good in a sense that I’m able to get my music out there, but most people don’t really care about it. Myspace is more of a music community where artists share their songs in hopes to make new fans. That’s how I stumbled across Mats Varima.

I was just casually browsing Myspace when Mats decided to have a little chat with me. He gave a link to one of his songs and I listened. I was actually pretty blown away by it. We both decided that it would be pretty cool if we collaborated together so I sent him an old rendition The Seventh that my friend and I worked on a LONG time ago. After a couple of days, he produced this sexy rendition of the song. Vocals too? This guy is good. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!

Listen to MATS VARIMA feat. CINY - HelsinkiNightDrive

KORG DS-10 PLUS: Live Mixing (Artist Showcase) by Anthony Seeha

This video demonstration of my music kicked started me as a musician on the internet. Not too bad for a 16 year old at the time, huh? I still get really excited when I see other people sharing and talking about it on the internet. :D

Right now, this video is being played (somewhere) at Western’s Art Show. Hopefully, that will generate some interest too.

Madeon - The City (Korg DS-10 Plus)

I started working on this recreation way back in November. I’ve been holding off on finishing it for a while because, for some reason, the quality of the sound didn’t really satisfy me. For a Nintendo DS, this is pretty good and all, but I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. That’s a good thing, too. I’ll continue to make music of even better quality as I keep going. :)

Zedd’s BASS recreated on Korg DS-10 - Breakn’ a Sweat

This is just a little sound experiment of mine. I wanted to recreate Zedd’s signature bass sound on Korg DS-10. Maybe I could use this sound sometime in the future for one of my own songs! I’ll call it zias. But that’s for later. I’m going to make a tutorial video on how to make that sound on the DS-10. Hopefully that’ll get me some views. Heh.


Craig Cardiff @ UWO

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to to meet and spend some time with Canadian musician Craig Cardiff. He hosted a music workshop for students at The University of Western Ontario to discuss song writing. The event started at 10am, but I showed up at 1pm because he held hourly sessions until 3pm. Welp, it turned out that I showed up at the wrong time because there were only four other people in the room with him. All of the hectic lessons took place earlier that day, but things were more relaxed when I showed up. It was for the better! I had lots of time to talk to him personally.

Before I went to the workshop, I had only one question in mind: “What comes first: music or lyrics?” because I’ve always wanted to write lyrics for my songs. I just suck at it. He told me that I should bring words and phrases through a bullsh*t filter and try them out. Also, he said just to make up words are you’re singing along to find the right word for the song. His last suggestion was to work with other musicians. Honestly, I don’t know why I was so blinded at the time. That was a pretty obvious answer. I should enlist the help of other musicians for lyrics! Such an eye-opener. After the workshop ended, we all headed down to the venue and helped him set up for his show. It was a great experience.

Listen to Craig Cardiff - When People Go